Strangle Road

Strangle Road 2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 7.5″ x 10” (unframed)

Based on a photo I took in fall 2019 while walking along S. Paynesville Road in Bruce Crossing, MI.

White Knight

White Knight 2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 16″ x 20” (unframed)

The industrial revolution’s cultural engine, a narrative of progress promising more and better and faster, also managed to secure the narrators’ positions as captains of industry, modern white knights whose self-serving gallantry will save no one but themselves.

Based on a photo I took just past the intersection of M-26 & US-45 on my way home from Vertin Gallery in Calumet, MI.

Power Lines

Power Lines 2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 16″ x 20” (unframed)

Whose really in charge? A god or figures with technologically and culturally imbued godlike power?

Based on a photo taken of the St. Paul the Apostle church in Calumet, Michigan. On a related note, I heard Kirsten Valdez Quade read John L’Heureux’s story, The Long Black Line, on the New Yorker Fiction podcast a couple of days ago, and it’s definitely worth the listen/read.

Isuien Niwa

Isuien Niwa 2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 16″ x 20” (unframed)

This work is based on a photo I took while on my first solo trip in Japan — to Nara in during the summer of 2007. I found the garden by accident, just wandering around, and it gave saved me. I still mentally call up this experience when I need some peace or a reminder that I can go it on my own.

Internal Organs

Internal Organs 2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 10″ x 20” (unframed)

During a 2018 tour through the Upper Peninsula’s Calumet Art Center, I was given a chance to step behind the scenes and take a few pictures of their pipe organ’s hidden architecture. The size and intricacy of the piping struck me as a significant presence of their own, separate from any music they could produce. This image is my attempt to evoke that same sense of awe at the possibility of an animate entity within an inanimate instrument.

Urban Design

Urban Design  2019 © Oriana Gatta / Gicleé Print / 16″ x 16” (unframed)

The visual effect of brightly colored, tightly packed, circuitry running through this photograph of an otherwise nondescript parking lot and railway highlight the regularized and binary-logic based methods of production and execution used to create such spaces, as well as the lengths necessary to reclaim these spaces.

Original photo taken in March 2019 from the third floor of the Van Buren Building in Northeast Minneapolis.


(via Saatchi Art)

Where The Sidewalk

Based on a photograph I took of a sidewalk somewhere in Brooklyn Center, MN, this piece pays homage to Shel Silverstein’s book of poetry, Where the Sidewalk Ends, in using the visual metaphor of simultaneously tangible and ephemeral hands reaching up as they disintegrate. Beginnings necessitate endings. Endings are opportunities.


(via Saatchi Art)